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Hi there!

Have you ever found yourself watching videos on social media websites such as Facebook? If so, we have the perfect job for you!

We’re partnering up with some great companies to help give their video content a unique opinion from reliable and trustworthy people. With many different positions available, but filling fast, don’t hesitate to get your application in soon!

If selected for this role, your duties include rating videos which are going to be posted onto Facebook on aspects like humor, quality and interest – if desired there’s also room to leave an additional comment too.

Each hour of work is paid out at a generous rate of $35 and applicants are welcome from any country around the world!

Requirements include having a connected device like a laptop, phone or tablet (Android or IOS), access to regular internet, and being available for work at least 10 hours each week.

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224 Westwood Cir., Dalton, GA 30721

We are a group of highly qualified ethical hackers who scan tens of thousands of sites every day for critical vulnerabilities and patch them for a small fee.

On your site – we have discovered 5 critical vulnerabilities, each of which can give attackers full access to your site, databases and the server as a whole.

Pay $3000 (0.15 BTC) by visiting this site where you will be able to copy our bitcoin (btc) address or scan the QR code with your device
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If we are hired by well-known corporations, then we charge from $50000 for our services, so you are lucky that we offer you the same service for $3000 (0.15 BTC)

Hi there!

We are a growing company seeking social media representatives. This would be an excellent way of supporting yourself if you’re interested.

We need someone who is engaged and dependable with strong communication skills, who thrives in a hectic environment.

You will be responsible for posting and engaging on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular platforms. This will involve publishing content to these channels by commenting and liking posts from various clients’ pages and retweeting/sharing content from popular accounts.

I’m just checking to see if you’re interested in this job; we have reserved your position for a few hours, but need to have someone take the spot after that.

If you are interested, you can click the link below to learn more.

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If you are looking for a personal loan for large investment project, projects from $5 Million USD to $55 Billion USD, with up to 15 years repayment plan with 2years grace period, We are MIDDLE EAST DEBT LOAN FINANCE CONSULTING, a leading independent investment firm, headquartered in Kuwait and backed by a large number of prominent Gulf-based sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, and families, a company leading the way in Financing and Capital Investments within the GCC region.

Our Investments financing focus is on, Seed Capital, Early-Stage, Start-Up Ventures, , Brokerage, Private Finance, Renewable Energy Project, Commercial Real Estate, Blockchain, Technology, Telecommunication, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Animal Breeding, Hospitality, Healthcare, Oil/Gas/Refinery from business executives and companies with proven business records in search of funding for expansion or for capital investments..

If our above offer for financing is within the acceptable financing scheme anticipated by your organization or company.

I look forward to your favorable response.


Dr. Hamud Zayed Ali

Address: 72469 Jahra Road Shuwaikh Industrial, Kuwait
Tel: +96550422388


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Dear Sir / Madam

Kingfisher PLC Kingfisher plc is an international home improvement company with over 1,500 stores.
We operate in eight countries across Europe under retail banners including B&Q, Castorama, Brico Depot, Screwfix, TradePoint and Koctas.
Offer home improvement products and services to consumers and trade professionals who shop in our stores and via our e-commerce channels.

Currently we are looking for new Suppliers and would like to ask you the information required to become one of your regular distributors?

Can you please send us your available products list with prices?

Kind Regards

Kingfisher PLC
Diana Kelsey
Senior Executive Purchase

3 Sheldon Square,London
United Kingdom W2 6PX
Phone: +44 33 3303 4087

Good Day

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We have hacked your website and extracted your databases. This was due to the security holes you had in your your site/server which have gained us remote control of pretty much everything that was on the server.

Our team is mostly interested in customer, administrative, and employee information which we have extracted through your databases once we got remote control over the server. It still needs to be sorted out but it will be well-organized once finished. First, we will be going through the emails/sms information and contacting the recipient how you held in disregard about their information being exposed to a hacking group when you could have stopped it. This would be detrimental to your personal image with these relationships with these people. Lastly, now that we have information not only will we be monetizing off it with our methods but made public or sold to other people that will do whatever they wish with the information also after we are done.

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